Performance Conversations

1 Day

Is there a conversation you know you need to have with a team member? Are you concerned that you are avoiding the conversation? Or perhaps you’re worried you might be too aggressive? Learn how to structure the four types of conversations that address the vast majority of situations a manager or business leader will face.

have you ever

  • Wanted to reduce the chance that you need to have a difficult conversation with a team member?
  • Wanted to avoid conflict with the people who report to you?
  • Wanted to reduce the number of times your team members produce results that are unacceptable?
  • Wanted to increase a team member’s ability or competence?
  • Had to talk to a team member about their attitude or commitment?

what you will learn

  • How to have a ‘Work In Progress’ conversation that leaves people enthused, motivated and happy at work.
  • How to increase competence and commitment with each catch up conversation.
  • How to reduce the time it takes to complete performance appraisals at the end of the year.
  • How to have the difficult conversation about a team member’s attitude or commitment.
  • What to do if all else fails.
  • How to increase the likelihood that a good recruit becomes a great team member.
  • How to have a coaching conversation that improves a team member’s ability and competence.


$595 + gst per person

  • A copy of the book ‘Practical Performance Improvement’ by Rod Matthews.
  • All course materials.
  • Tea and coffee on arrival.
  • Morning tea and afternoon tea.
  • A light lunch.

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