Have you ever

  • Got the feeling that the management training consultant you were working with wasn’t listening and didn’t understand your organisation’s specific needs?
  • Suffered ‘death by PowerPoint?’
  • Attended a management training program and found yourself asking “Yes but, how exactly do I do that?”
  • Wanted to work with a consultant who knows where his expertise starts and finishes and doesn’t try to be all things to all people?
  • Wanted to feel comfortable with the consultant you were putting in front of the people you work with?

Creating messages that stick

Rod Matthews is a leading specialist in changing human behaviours within groups and organisations. He does this by:

  • Crafting persuasive messages that stick
  • Evolving peoples thoughts and behaviours and
  • Changing the context in which the thoughts and behaviours take place

In doing so Rod is able to increase engagement and productivity within organisations whilst reducing wasted effort.

Choosing a consultant to work with on a critical assignment isn’t easy. While organisations change with greater speed, work and employment becomes less predictable, it seems as though everyone is, or has been, a consultant for a time.

Some consultants talk more than they should. Some consultants leave before the hard work starts. Some consultants seem to be speaking an alien language. Some consultants know a lot and have very little skill. Some consultants are just plain mind-numbingly dull.

Every now and again you find a gem

A consultant that seeks to understand first, knows what they can and can’t do, practices what they preach and is able to inspire. A consultant who is often mistaken for being a part of your organisation, not an outsider.

That is why Rod Matthews is one of the most sought after consulting and management trainers in Australia.

Having developed unique methodologies to incorporate your organisation’s culture, language and day-to-day examples, when you use Rod you will hear your team members making many positive comments on the relevance, thought provoking and practical nature of the learning