Meetings That Get Results

1 Day

Have you ever run a meeting that has inflicted one of the three meeting deaths?

  • ”Death by PowerPoint”
  • “Death by debate”
  • “Death by no decision”

This program covers the 5 main types of meetings and identifies processes to move a group of people from arrival to results.

have you ever

  • Been running a meeting that has gone off on a certain tangent and you don’t know how you got there or how to get the meeting back on track?
  • Run a team meeting that didn’t go as well as you would have liked?
  • Dreaded running the regular team meetings because they seem pointless and boring?
  • Had a meeting of yours hijacked by someone’s behaviours and you felt powerless to stop it?
  • Wanted your team meetings to finish on time and exceed the participants expectations?
  • Wanted to involve your team in improving their own performance?

what you will learn

  • The difference between the average and the exceptional meeting.
  • How to correctly match a meeting process with a meeting outcome.
  • How to design a meeting that produces a result.
  • How to set the tone of the meeting and manage the participants.
  • How to facilitate a group of people toward an outcome.
  • How to handle the hecklers.

what you will learn

$595 + gst per person


  • All course materials (folder, handouts, textas).
  • Tea and coffee on arrival.
  • Morning tea and afternoon tea.
  • A light lunch.

Interested in Meetings That Get Results?