Reaching a ‘helpful’ state of mind

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the management concept of above and below the line. You can read about it here. The technique I am about to explain goes hand in hand with this concept and is a powerful, visual tool for leaders and managers to keep yourself and your team members motivated, productive and fulfilled.

It’s essential as leaders that we bring out the very best in our staff as they all have unique perspectives and skills that contribute to the success of the business. Part of being a good manager is to create an environment that encourages collaboration. After all it’s through effective collaboration that great ideas and strategies are born with everyone working together to achieve the best outcomes.

The technique is simple – it’s the See-Be-Do-Get technique and combined with periodically checking in to see if you are operating from a place above the line, it’s an excellent leadership approach to get results. Let’s break it down..


Having a vision of the desired outcome is a great place to start with any project. It will help keep you and your team focused on outcomes and bringing your thinking back to the big picture, above the line.


Be the kind of leader to inspire others. A bad leader will have the order around the wrong way; ‘when I GET more time and collaboration from my team, then we will DO all the things we need to do in order to BE successful’ or “the more we DO, the more we will GET success”. As a leader your focus should always be on what sort of leader do you have to BE to get the results you want. Inevitably it is one who facilitates, who encourages the people in your team to shine; to be engaged, focused, driven and working together as best they can. 


“The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do” – anon.

When it comes to do-ing, poor leaders use directive statements. This immediately creates a power play and dis-engages people resulting in reduced productivity. Effective leaders will shift the dynamic and empower their team by asking “what can we do” or “what are our options” to build engagement and invite active participation and collaboration. Sharing this see-be-do-get mindset is also part of this technique. By helping them to remain open-minded to first being the best version of themselves in order to do their best work and become the person/ employee they want to be; in a culture that fully supports them, will lead to fulfilled and productive staff who strive to see the big picture and move towards collaboration.


This leads us to ‘get’ or ‘have’. You will ultimately achieve your outcome or vision at the end of the chain if this technique is followed effectively.

Following this approach will continuously move you and your team to be in a helpful state of mind, meaning to keep focused on the outcome and the big picture. It aims to minimise getting bogged down one solution versus another, and in people having conflicts of interest by keeping awareness on collaborating to achieve outcomes for the better good of the team.

Give this technique a go. As humans we more often than not tend to fall into the state of mind of Get-Do-Be. Falsely thinking that only when we have success will we be happy. It takes discipline and effort to shift this paradigm but it’s the best approach for successful leaders who want to inspire successful people.

For more information on how I can help you to shift mindsets to See-Be-Do-Get in your business, please get in touch today.

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