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recommended reading

The Rational Optimist – How Prosperity Evolves

Matt Ridley, 2010, Harper Perennial

Chapter 1 opens with the following quote from Thomas Barrington Macaulay. On what principle is it, that when we see nothing but improvement behind us, we are to expect nothing but deterioration before us? Matt Ridley then proceeds with wit, intelligence and a broad sweep of research to show that there have always been people who will tell us that the end is nigh, The plague, Y2K, Peak Oil, the ozone, AIDS, H5N1 etc., etc., etc., and yet not only have we survived but we enjoy a standard of living that even King Louis the XVI would have envied. Matt Ridley makes the point that whil..read more

The Big Mo: Why Momentum Now Rules Our World

Mark Roeder, 2010, HarperCollins

Mark Roeder takes Newtons formula (Momentum = Mass x Velocity) and applies it to the fields of business, politics, psychology and the arts. His suggestion is that the Mass and Velocity of human activity has dramatically increased over the last 25 to 40 years and as a result society has a momentum that is difficult to stop. Momentum is what will kill you in a car crash. Momentum is the difference between losing a few dollars and your life savings in a crashing market. His experience in the financial markets makes for a convincing argument when it comes to regulation. I also liked the concept th..read more

Bad Science

Ben Goldacre, 2009, HarperCollins

Ben Goldcare is angry. Angry at people who conduct poor research, angry at people who use that research to support their position and angry at people who believe the poor research because the word ‘science’ was used. Fortunately, Ben is also very witty and very entertaining. A must read to make sure you do not fall prey to marketers and advertisers with low morals and a must read to make sure Ben isn’t angry with you...read more

The Tipping Point

Malcolm Gladwell, 2002 , Back Bay Books ISBN 0316346624

How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference This book is brilliant. It looks at what is required to take an idea, product, service or social behaviour and move it beyond the tipping point where it spread like wildfire and becomes the norm. The book is filled with dozens of mind blowing experiments, findings and conclusions...read more

Human Universals

Donald E. Brown, 1991, Temple University Press Philadelphia ISBN: 0-87722-841-8

For many years anthropologists have looked into human behaviour and human culture through the filter of looking for the difference. If you were a student of anthropology before the year 2000, chances are you would have completed your doctorate by travelling to some far flung location, finding a tribe who still lives the hunter gatherer lifestyle and then written your thesis on how they are different to other cultures … most likely your own. To look at our fellow humans through this lens is to miss half the picture. On one level we are all different. At the risk of stating the ob..read more

What You Can Change

Martin Seligman Ph.D, ,

It sounds like a self help book… but it is a collection of the most recent and authoritative scientific research to help us realise exactly what we can and can’t change. Weight, childhood trauma, alcoholism, depression, propensity for anger and violence… it’s all in there. One of the most underrated books available...read more

Change Starts Here

Rod Matthews, 2011,

Have you ever felt stuck, trapped or dissatisfied? Change Starts Here covers the fields of philosophy, psychology and the social sciences to provide an entertaining, educational and practical guide to change what you can, live with what you can’t and the wisdom to know the difference. This book enables you to identify ways to respond to life’s challenges so that you are able to walk away knowing you have handled the situation in the best possible way. Change Starts Here also explores methods of remaining calm and comfortable in situations that are outside our contro..read more

Practical Performance Improvement

Rod Matthews, 2005 , Impact Publishing ISBN 0975706608

How to reduce the stress associated with leading a team of people How to improve the likelihood that things get done right… first time How to be an exceptional leader Obviously I’m a bit biased… however… This is a highly practical book that takes you through the ‘how to’ of setting direction, objectively analysing performance, coaching, counselling, developing and what to do when all else fails. An easy read for those who are looking for application over academia...read more

Precision Recruitment Skills

Rod Matthews, 2005, Impact Publishing ISBN 0975706616

How to find the right person for the right job, first time Once again, another ‘… with Impact’ book. Precision Recruitment Skills provides tips tools and techniques for before during and after the interview. Essential reading for those dedicated to being “an Employer Of Choice” and attracting the right people. Another practical and easy read...read more

Business Millionaire: How to Turn Your Idea Into a Million Dollar Business

Fiona Jones & Michael R. Dean, 2013,

Why are some businesses set for success while the majority fail? This book gives you the insights to put you on the right track to beat the odds and build a great business. Learn from some of the country’s best business people as they share their secrets of how to grow your business faster and easier than ever before. ot only are there inspiring success stories but hundreds of dollars in free gifts for readers. Whether you want to start your own business or grow an existing business you need to read this book!..read more