How to be a resilient leader

Businesses are at a pivotal moment where the transformative power of AI is reshaping industries and redefining how we work, now and into the future.

The latest is that, alarmingly, AI will replace up to 85% of jobs. This could revolutionise things to the same extent or more, as the invention of the internet.

To navigate this rapidly changing landscape successfully, leaders need to be open to change and embrace and develop their resilience as there is bound to be the requirement for a lot of bouncing back from setbacks and challenges as in an uncertain future.

Here are 5 ways in which leaders today can cultivate higher levels of resilience as they prepare to lead their businesses through a changing landscape;

Embrace it

There’s no denying it, AI is revolutionising the way we do business, opening up a new world of possibilities.

There’s no point looking at it as a threat to the way we do things, what we do and how it will impact business in a negative way. Instead, leaders need to embrace it as a way to improve human potential and drive innovation.

Leaders need to see it as a tool, a way to unlock new levels of efficiency, productivity, and elevate creativity within our employees and business units.

By modelling a positive attitude to AI to staff, leaders will encourage their employees to not feel threatened by it, but to be curious and excited to see how it can help them in their roles.

Focus on being adaptive

In a rapidly changing world driven by AI, it’s essential we be more adaptive and prepare to evolve ourselves, our jobs, our employees’ roles and our businesses.

Resilient leaders understand the need to stay agile. Embrace change as an opportunity for growth and encourage your teams to do the same. Be proactive in seeking out new skills, knowledge, technology and perspectives to stay relevant.

By adapting to the evolving landscape, we can lead our businesses and people through the challenges and making the most of the opportunities that AI presents.

Nurture curiosity and learning

To cultivate resilience in the face of AI, we must foster a culture of curiosity and continuous learning. Many people are rightly fearful of what the future holds for their jobs, their skills, their employability.

Will they become obsolete? Will their skills and experience even be valuable if AI is more than capable of doing their job.

It’s a worrying time for many as we look towards an AI revolution. Good leaders need to have a very good understanding of AI and it’s capacities and reassure their people that they are safe in their jobs. That they are not easily replaceable, and that AI will be used in a way to enhance their jobs and make it easier and more efficient, albeit it different. Once people feel secure in their jobs, they might start to look on AI with more curiosity and openness.

Encourage people to find out about and explore new ways of doing things and support a culture of experimentation; where people feel supported to try new things.

Support your team in developing upskilling and embracing AI and using AI to their advantage in their ever-changing roles.

Lead with emotional intelligence

With so much change and uncertainty on the horizon, there is the growing need for leaders to build strong teams who are resilient and have a foundation of trust and respect.

Leaders who are able to create teams who communicate well, feel connected, will feel stronger and more robust as they adapt to change. Leaders need to show compassion, active listening, provide support, and continue to build trust and rapport with their team.

In cultures where teams work well together, embracing change is much easier as it requires trusts, engagement and a willingness to push through and work together.

Encourage innovation and creativity

Ai will not be able to replace authentic human creativity and innovation. Resilient leaders encourage their teams to think big, challenge the status quo, explore new and better ways of doing things and share new ideas.

Create a culture where experimentation is encouraged, with all its successes and failures. Create space and opportunities for people to come up with new ideas, to share them and to develop them together. A good leader knows that ideas are progressive.

One person may come up with an idea, someone else adds to that, someone else comes up with another and so on. Creativity is collaborative. In the wake of AI, we still need people to be innovative and creative and to leverage AI as a tool to augment our ingenuity and create breakthrough solutions.

The AI revolution is here and we all face the reality of a rapidly changing world. Having resilience will prove to be our superpower in navigating this new landscape.

Leaders who openly welcome AI with a sense of curiosity will unlock it’s greatest potential. The future is full of possibilities.

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