Christmas parties see the year off with a bang

I’ve seen a lot of companies cutting back on end-of-year parties. There is a tendency to just do smaller team/ department get-togethers or omit Christmas celebrations all together in an effort to cut costs. Don’t get me wrong, I do get it – Christmas parties can be very expensive and when leaders are looking to cut costs it seems logical to cull the office party or cancel it altogether. But even though you’ll be saving money on the catering and venue hire, there could be more at stake by skimping on the Christmas party than first meets the eye. 

The effects of a good office party shouldn’t be underestimated. They are a long-standing tradition and go a long way in bringing the team together and reinforcing a solid positive work culture. The end of year office party is a unique opportunity to strengthen work relationships, reward staff and really get to know the people you work with on a deeper level.

Here’s my top 4 reasons to throw a company-wide Christmas party for your organisation;

  1. It’s a great opportunity to say thank you – a chance for recognition and reward

    The fact is, people leave jobs when they don’t feel recognised or appreciated. Having an end of year party is a big display of ‘thank you’ to all employees, an opportunity to reward them for their hard work throughout the year. While you certainly shouldn’t save all employee recognition for an end-of-year event, a party does provide a perfect opportunity to recognise all the individuals within the company for the hard work they’ve done over the course of the year. Incorporating a formal awards ceremony at the Christmas party is one way to recognise and reward teams and individuals or simply chatting and thanking employees as you share a drink. Either way, it’s the perfect way to make people feel appreciated which is a is vital component to employee motivation and commitment. 
  2. It’s a chance to unite company sub-cultures
    It’s natural for subcultures to develop within a company, the sales department may have a different kind of culture vibe to the customer service team, for example. Bringing the whole gang together to mingle with people across different departments is a great way for people in different departments to get to know the real people behind the job. Janet in sales suddenly becomes Janet in sales who competes in triathalons and loves travelling. Encourage employees to interact with workers from other teams and departments to put a face to a name and really get to know each other better. When the following year rolls around, it can make it easier to for teams to work with each other if they know one another on a deeper level than just the tasks they perform. We naturally build trust and rapport, essential ingredients for healthy productive work relationships, when we share common interests. 
  3. It boosts morale
    The end of the year in any business can be a drag; morale is often at it’s lowest as staff consolidate a big year full of challenges and achievements and they see the end in sight. Going out with a fizzle is a missed opportunity and can be detrimental to morale and staff productivity. Christmas parties allow you to go out with a bang. It’s a great opportunity to not only recognise and appreciate staff but to end the year on a high. It is a chance to re-group and re-energise corporate morale. Getting the whole company together in a fun and celebratory environment is an excellent opportunity to remind everyone of the common goals you are working towards and reinforce a strong and unified team, ready to tackle the year ahead. Cheers to that! 
  4. It’s a chance for managers to get to know staff on a deeper level
    In larger companies some employees may have never met upper management or members of the executive team. If you want your corporate culture to include a sense of trust in company leadership, it’s important for employees to have opportunities to interact and build rapport with their management team. Christmas parties provide a chance for employees to meet and mingle with managers and executives away from the pressures of the office, and employees are more likely to trust and approve of leaders they know personally.

Don’t miss the opportunity to build strong bonds and reinforce a positive and energised work culture as the end of year approaches. Let your team know how valued they are and give them a good send off at the end of the year.

If you would like to book in a tailored leadership workshop with me this year or in 2020 get in touch today. I’d love to help!

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