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Often describes as ‘the best trainer in Australia,’ Rod Matthews is fast developing a reputation nationally and internationally as a leading expert on change and human performance who delivers results in a dynamic, engaging and practical way.

As well as running his own business, Rod has worked with organisations in both the commercial and the not-for-profit sectors across a broad range of industries for over 20 years. His experience, enthusiasm and natural curiosity have allowed him to build an encyclopaedic knowledge of tips, tools and techniques.

Rod specializes in changing human behavior within groups and organizations. He does this by increasing clarity, engagement, skills and opportunity.

Rod is a voracious reader of many books and an author of 5.

In a world that faces a frightening volume and complexity of issues Rod believes that our hope lies in our ability to think clearly, creatively, to share ideas and to take ethical action.

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  • Introductions with Impact – How to answer the question “So, what do you do?”
  • Time and Self-Management – How to increase your satisfaction with what you have achieved
  • Creating the best first impression – Reverse engineering how you want to be seen by others
  • Change – What you can and can not control
  • Solving Business Problems – What evolution teaches us about problem solving
  • Do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do -  Following your dream isn’t the whole story
  • Building Business Relationships – Rapport, trust and partnerships
  • Persuasion and Influence – How to win corporate friends and influence key decision makers
  • Results in 90 Days – How to generate meaningful results in your business in 90 days

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