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Looking for all of Rod Matthews’ Book and CD offerings on one page? You can compile your complete order here after browsing through the site. If you have any further questions feel free to contact us anytime! We will contact you to confirm payment and delivery details for each order.

  • Business Millionaire: How to Turn Your Idea Into a Million Dollar Business

    Why are some businesses set for success while the majority fail?

    This book gives you the insights to put you on the right track to beat the odds and build a great business. Learn from some of the country’s best business people as they share their secrets of how to grow your business faster and easier than ever before.

  • Change Starts Here

    Have you ever felt stuck, trapped or dissatisfied?

    Change Starts Here covers the fields of philosophy, psychology and the social sciences to provide an entertaining, educational and practical guide to change what you can, live with what you can’t and the wisdom to know the difference.

  • Practical Performance Improvement

    Packed full of practical tips, tools and techniques, you will find yourself quickly stirred into action while reading.

    The series is highly recommended for any manager or team leader who does not want to read hundreds of pages of management text, and yet wants to know how to improve the performance of their teams.

  • Precision Recruitment Skills - Book

    Rod has investigated and separated “theoretical best practice” hiring processes from those that really work … and along the way has uncovered fundamental methods to prevent poor recruitment practices crippling any business’ profits.

    Now anyone can profit from these simple yet little known steps to finding “the right person for the right job”.

  • Precision Recruitment Skills - Book & CD

    The questions you have always wanted to ask a professional recruiter…

    An interview with Garry King Founding Director of Kingscroft Consulting Pty Ltd

  • The Creative Edge – Strategies for 24/7 Creativity

    Illuminating Q&A’s with creative minds from around the world.

    You will learn 
about the Creative thoughts for non-creative thinkers, Four different kinds of thinking used during creative problem solving, The key principles behind creativity and The ‘Want to’, the ‘How to’, and the ‘Chance to’ of creativity.

  • The King Of Snozzlebrush Island

    Teach your kids to become healthy, wealthy and wise? Your kids will learn how to recognise procrastination, how to get healthy and have fun doing so, how to start building wealth, how to develop an abundance mentality.

  • What My Favourite Teacher Taught Me Volume II

    Lets remember and celebrate those people who have made an impact on our lives.

    We all remember those teachers who made a lasting Impact by believing in us, by showing us our true potential or just by being who they are. What my Favourite Teacher Taught Me is full with uplifting stories from the heart.