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The Big Mo: Why Momentum Now Rules Our World

Mark Roeder, 2010, HarperCollins

Mark Roeder takes Newtons formula (Momentum = Mass x Velocity) and applies it to the fields of business, politics, psychology and the arts. His suggestion is that the Mass and Velocity of human activity has dramatically increased over the last 25 to 40 years and as a result society has a momentum that is difficult to stop. Momentum is what will kill you in a car crash. Momentum is the difference between losing a few dollars and your life savings in a crashing market. His experience in the financial markets makes for a convincing argument when it comes to regulation. I also liked the concept that our unconscious aim is to make things in society operate with less friction. We try to increase speed and reduce inefficiencies. The drawback of this is that we lose is the ability to slow down contagion, to contain damage and to limit loss. Yet another book that shows every time we gain something we lose something.