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the why

  • As senior managers our first commitment should be to our senior leadership team.
  • How productive are your leadership team meetings? Energising or draining!
  • What is the tone that the leadership team sets for your organisation?
  • A high performing leadership team is a team that can work through challenges in a way that results in stronger relationships, engagement and performance.

the what

  • Finding your rhythm – Separating operational matters from strategic matters and team matters.
  • Building a culture – Developing a way of working together that allows the team to play the ball and not the person.
  • Discipline – Practice. Practice. Practice. We work with you and the team to develop the practice and to stay disciplined.

the how

  • Knowledge is different to mastery. Our approach is build mastery through simple daily practices.
  • The program takes place over a period of X-Y months with the focus on:
  • Regularly shift from doing to observing
  • Making the development social
  • Maintaining an open mindset

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