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Have you ever run a meeting that has inflicted one of the three meeting deaths?

  • “Death by PowerPoint”.
  • "Death by debate".
  • "Death by no decision".

This program covers the 5 main types of meetings and identifies processes to move a group of people from arrival to results.

Have you Ever.
  • Been running a meeting that has gone off on a certain tangent and you don’t know how you got there or how to get the meeting back on track?
  • Run a team meeting that didn’t go as well as you would have liked?
  • Dreaded running the regular team meetings because they seem pointless and boring?
  • Had a meeting of yours hijacked by someone’s behaviours and you felt powerless to stop it?
  • Wanted your team meetings to finish on time and exceed the participants expectations?
  • Wanted to involve your team in improving their own performance?
What you will learn.
  • The difference between the average and the exceptional meeting.
  • How to correctly match a meeting process with a meeting outcome.
  • How to design a meeting that produces a result.
  • How to set the tone of the meeting and manage the participants.
  • How to facilitate a group of people toward an outcome.
  • How to handle the hecklers.

Investment $595 + gst per person


  • All course materials (folder, handouts, textas).
  • Tea and coffee on arrival.
  • Morning tea and afternoon tea.
  • A light lunch.

“This course has been so amazing that I could not wait to get back to work to put the tools into practice.
There have been so many great tools and tips that were given by Rod Matthews who is the great
facilitator that I now aspire to be …”
Celine De Sousa – Project Manager.

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