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He is a corporate trainer who focuses on learning by doing, rather than just clicking through a didactic presentation. His presentation style is VERY engaging, utilises flip charts rather than PowerPoint (something we could learn from) and offers a no-risk guarantee … If you are less than delighted with the results, you need not pay a cent! I have been trained by and worked with many trainers both locally and internationally and believe Rod to be one of the best.

Stuart Goodfellow

Certified Business Coach

I am an IVF laboratory manager at IVF Australia and when our company organised the leadership training sessions for the managers, I was thinking “not another one!”. From the first session with Rod I could see the difference between his style of training and other trainers. Rod has an excellent understanding of the business needs which makes his training unique and very useful. His training sessions are vibrant and very interesting; you will stay focused not wanting to miss any bit of it. The best thing I found with Rods training that he asks you to apply it on your own setting then discuss it in the next training session. This makes the training handy to use when it’s needed. Also, he is open to suggestions and always happy to help with advice when you have a situation that you’d need an advice with. I am really very impressed with his training style and I highly recommend him.

Suha Kilani

IVF Laboratory Manager

Business Breakfasts are often one of the hardest gigs an MC can get – an early start with a cold, disengaged audience. But not for Rod! Rod’s entertaining and engaging technique as an MC and presenter warms the room instantly and sets the foundation for a stellar event. When it comes to running a successful event, Rod Matthews is the glue you need to hold it all together.

Tony Eades

Chairman of The Sydney Hills Business Chamber