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Thank you for the excellent way in which your company assisted us in reviewing the performance management system. I would particularly like to thank you for the quality of design and conduct of the seven workshops. Feedback has been excellent and the professionalism and humour of the facilitators was particularly well received.

David Wilson

National HR Manager, Toshiba (Australia) Pty Ltd

Rod consulted with our AECOM team on a particularly sensitive issue.  He did so with a compassion, care and a genuine interest to help.  He took the time to understand our needs and supported the process of designing an behaviour change work piece that aligns with the heart, mind and budget of our P & P team.  An absolute pleasure to work with.

Fiona Woodward

Senior People and Performance Advisor

I’ve had a fair bit of training over the years. None, and I mean none, have stuck in the mind quite as the training I did with Rod Matthews (for the right reasons, I might add!!)

James MacDonald

Principal Consultant, Logica

As an MC, Rod Matthews is well prepared, engaging and professional. He has just the right mix of humour, insight and humility.

Margie Warrell

Bestselling Author & Keynote Speaker

We received excellent feedback from the managers who attended the program. It has provided managers with practical things to do that will ensure we recruit the sort of people we need to do the job.

Maureen Ayers

When I first took the role on as part of the Senior Leadership team there was a lot to do and it would have been easy to have been overwhelmed with the size and scope of the job that lay ahead. One of the best decisions I made was to work closely with Rod Matthews as a coach and facilitator. Working together over the first 6 months, we started to see some impressive results in my team, with my key relationships and with the key performance indicators of the organisation. Rod played such an important role in my survival in this job and I am deeply grateful to him.

Nicola Norris

Head of Fundraising and Marketing, Greenpeace

An outstanding speaker, management advisor and trainer who I would highly recommend to any organisation seeking to create changes in the way their people relate to each other and to their customers. He is extremely knowledgeable about his field and yet continuously advances his learning. He is a listener and interpreter extraordinaire, able to translate a customer’s business requirements into a training program or workshop that hits the mark and has the required impact. He is highly engaging, always follows up with his participants, and always remains available to provide sage advice. The work he did with UNE’s contact centre and administrative teams covered the gamut of customer service and leadership training and has left a lasting impact. Finally, Rod delivers all his programs with sensitivity as well as humour. This unique combination amongst all his talents, in my opinion make him a stand out human performance consultant.

Patrick Tobin

Director, The University of New England

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Our people are putting all they learned into practise and reaping great rewards. Seeing behavioural change indicates the training worked and our money was well spent.

Roberta L Fairbairn

T&D Manager, Oceania, DFS Galleria

Rod Matthews is simply terrific. His creativity, humour and ability to interact with the speakers and the audience guarantees he will be the anchor at our next conference.

Rod Hucker

CEO Medilife

He is a corporate trainer who focuses on learning by doing, rather than just clicking through a didactic presentation. His presentation style is VERY engaging, utilises flip charts rather than PowerPoint (something we could learn from) and offers a no-risk guarantee … If you are less than delighted with the results, you need not pay a cent! I have been trained by and worked with many trainers both locally and internationally and believe Rod to be one of the best.

Stuart Goodfellow

Certified Business Coach